Pearl Ex powdered pigments - powder pigments for resin coloring

Pearl Ex powdered pigments - powder pigments for resin coloring


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Coloring your resin any shade of the rainbow is easy with these Pearl Ex powder pigments for resin.  The resin color powders are so versatile!  These pearlescent, non-toxic, inert powdered pigments keep their colors in resin and won't fade.  Rest easy knowing the color you see is exactly what it's going to look like in resin!

Create beautiful resin colors without them ever fading or tarnishing.  Experiment with the powders and resin to create anything from a pearl luster finish to a metallic look.  These also work great for adding a metallic color to your epoxy clay projects. 

How do you use these powder pigments to color resin?

Step 1:  Add a small pinch of color to your mixed resin.

Step 2:  Mix thoroughly.

Step 3:  use your resin as desired!

Pro tip:  You can also use a paintbrush to dust these colors into a mold before pouring clear resin.  The beautiful resin colors cling onto the mold surface and stay there after pouring resin!

Each beautiful resin color comes in a 3-gram jar.  Sold per each.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Vibrant Colors

This pigment produces the most beautiful colors! They mix well in resin also. It gives each craft that extra something special. Love it 😍

Nice shimmer

Added this to blue resin to give ocean effect to an art project. Nice shimmer.

Gorgeous colours - I wish I had ALL of them.

I've always loved these Pearl Ex Powder Pigments, I use them with both resin and polymer clay, and I really like how they can be used to give projects an intense or subtle effect - or both. The only problem I had in the past was the price. Before I discovered Resin Obsession I only had 2 of these Pigments because I couldn't afford the outrageous prices charged by so many of the other online companies. One of the many wonderful aspects of being a customer of Resin Obsession is the very reasonable prices. I wouldn't shop for anything resin - related anywhere else now. So, thank you so much Katherine and all at Resin Obsession. Love from Amanda in Australia xoxo

Favorite pigments

Very pretty colors these are my go to pigments. Can settle a very slight bit but that’s just because I use the deep pour resin and it takes so long to dry, it works perfect and doesn’t settle at all with the super clear resin . I have almost every color!


I am new to using resins and feel very experimental at times. I watched videos using the powders. They are beautiful! The colors are vibrant and can be as deep or soft as you like. The pearlescent is very fun to use. It gives a new dimension to color. Resin Obsession has been helpful and answered any questions I have asked making this new hobby more enjoyable.