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Buy New Silicone Molds and MORE for Your Next Epoxy Project

I’m always looking for the newest trends in molds for epoxy resin that will help you make something you can't wait to show off. It's our mission to bring you unique resin supplies that you’ll love, which is why our new items collection is regularly updated and stocked with the silicone molds,  colors, and other supplies that will help you take your resin crafts to the next level. Plus, these are the products we use when we make resin art and crafts.  If it isn't something we won't use, we won't sell it.

There aren't any products in this collection!

Enhance Your Resin Crafts

Whether your project is big or small, Resin Obsession has all the silicone epoxy molds you need to execute it with perfection — all while having fun of course. We update our New Items section regularly so you know that you’re getting the best resin supplies, molds, tools, and more. And honestly, what’s more exciting than seeing what’s new in the resin crafting world? Check back regularly and keep your collection updated. There’s no such thing as being too resin obsessed!

The Artist Behind Resin Obsession

Hi!  I'm Katherine and Resin Obsession was created for people just like you -- fellow artists and creatives who love resin. It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new at this or have been tackling advanced resin projects for years.  You’re sure to find the resin supplies and support you need right here at Resin Obsession. So after you’re done shopping, stop by the forums for advice, or check out the blog for tips, DIY project ideas, and more. I can't wait to see what you make with your resin, plus your colors and silicone molds for epoxy.