Clear silicone dice mold - sharp edges - gamer dice mold

Clear silicone dice mold - sharp edges - gamer dice mold


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Want a distinct edge and design to your resin dice castings?  Then these molds are for you!  Handmade in Italy by House of Molds, create sharp-sided dice with these molds.  Highlight the numbers with acrylic paint after demolding.

Choose from the following individual styles:

D6  14 mm X 14 mm 
D20  20 mm X 20 mm 

These molds are made to last for dozens of castings!

*Only select styles are on sale.*

Want more than just a couple of molds?  Save money by buying the entire set of sharp sided silicone dice molds.

What makes the clear silicone so awesome?  You can see where to put your embedments.  The clear silicone also makes it easier to find and remove bubbles before your resin cures. Being able to see through the mold means getting perfectly clear dice! 

Resin crafters will need to finish the dice post-demolding to get a perfect edge.  Beginners should expect to use these molds several times to learn how to get perfect dice.

These flexible silicone rubber molds can be used with many materials, such as epoxy resin, polyester resin, polyurethane resin, wax, soap, precious metal clay, fimo clay, concrete, cement, and more.  Have questions about using these molds?  Be sure to check out our House of Molds FAQ.

Example dice are not included with mold purchase.

How to use the molds:


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Great quality, with some design flaws