1 Inch Square Silicone Mold - Geometric

1 inch square silicone mold


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Our 16 cavity, reusable one inch square size mold is just what you need to make a batch of pendants or cabochons in a short time!  This reusable silicone mold contains sixteen square wells.  Each well is 1 inch in diameter by 1/4 inches deep.  

The mold was made from highly polished plastic, so it will impart that same shine to your castings.  Mold color may vary from the picture shown.

To use the mold, mix and pour your resin according to manufacturer instructions. Once the resin has cured, slowly peel the mold from the cast. Work around all the edges before pulling up the middle sections.  Because the molds are small you may want to warm them slightly with a heat gun.  For optimum life of your mold, we highly recommend using the Ultra 4 Parafilm paintable mold release to make sure your castings come out perfectly. 

After a cast is made, be sure to thoroughly clean the mold (removing any casting residue or release agent) before storing. Clean your molds with dish soap and water. To remove fingerprints use rubbing alcohol. Store silicone molds flat in a clean, dry location away from direct sunlight.  Be sure to read our 5 tips for keeping your silicone molds in top shape.

See how to use the mold in this video:



Customer Reviews

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Love the mold hate the cost

I love everything about the mold how thick it is how easy the squares pop out how easy it is to clean. The one thing that I can’t justify though is the cost. I would love to get the other molds, but I just cannot justify the cost.

It’s a little more work but the quality of the product is the same when using plastic candy sheets. I can go to the local store and buy the hard plastic all one shape for three bucks they come out beautifully yes I may have to do a little more work and prepping and sometimes my little hexagons are tough to get out but I can throw them in the freezer and they’ll pop right out.

Is It worth it for me to spend $50 on one tray when I can go and get three trays for nine dollars and get the project done in one shot? No, no matter how exquisite that tray is I will not be buying it again

Fantastic Mold

I have used many silicone molds but this one from Resin Obsession is the best. It is much sturdier than others. My resin comes out clean and easily. Plus the square is the perfect 1 inch size. Thank you Resin Obsession!

Great Mold

This is a really well made, high quality mold and it works great for making little tiles to put together into one mosaic like piece. Easy to use and doesn't use a ton of resin!