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Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy Resin 32 ounces

Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy Resin 32 ounces


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Alumilite's Amazing Clear Cast is a clear casting epoxy resin that produces a rigid and durable finish.  Use this clear resin for coating or finishing applications such as bar tops, floors, taxidermy scenery, lenses, and all sorts of other clear casting or coating applications. Amazing Clear Cast resin is an easy-to-use, two part resin, that mixes 1:1 by volume or weight.  This resin can be colored with Alumilite dyes, alcohol inks, or other non-water base colorants.

The Alumilite Amazing Clear cast resin also complies with FDA CFR 177.2600
which specifies the proper treatment for articles intended for use in producing, manufacturing, packing, processing, preparing, treating, packaging, transporting, or holding foodResin must be mixed 1:1 by volume (not weight) in a smooth sided cup to ensure complete blending.  Allow a full 7 day cure before using castings for food purposes.  Pieces are suitable for cold or warm food contact only.  Cured pieces are not dishwasher, microwave oven or conventional oven safe.

This kit comes with 16 ounces each of Part A and Part B.  Also includes three 1 ounce mixing cups and two wooden stir utensils. 

To use this resin:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I love this resin easy to work with

Great product!

Very pleased with the product! Mixes easily, takes color well, cures nicely and is very clear.

great stuff!!

fairly new with resin,this is easy to use.I havent had any problems with it

Nice results!

Although this resin has more of an odor than some of the others, it's not bothersome if I wear a face mask. However, I find it's the best to use if I want a clear doming resin. I like that it's a 1:1 ratio for easy measuring too. It works great in bezels!