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Castin' Craft FastCast quick curing resin 8 oz kit

Castin' Craft FastCast quick curing resin 8 oz kit


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FastCast two part casting resin is a polyurethane resin, which turns white once cured. Need a colored casting? Use the Castin' Craft colors to create the exact color you want for your project.

Mix this resin as 1 part resin to 1 part hardener. Two minute pot time. If coloring the resin, add the color to the resin and mix well before adding hardener.

It's the perfect resin for creating projects in a hurry, including miniatures, models, taxidermy and more. Full cure in 10 minutes at a 70°F room temperature. Once cured, FastCast projects can be drilled, sanded, shaped and painted.


See how to use the FastCast resin to make a Lego lookalike necklace

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