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Clear silicone faceted gemstone jewelry mold

Clear silicone faceted gemstone jewelry mold


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Make faceted gemstones in sets of three with this clear silicone mold.  Great for making your own resin lookalike rubies, sapphires, diamonds and more!

The clear silicone allows you to see what you are doing while you are resin casting.  Great for knowing exactly where to place your embedments or for removing bubbles.  Being able to see through the mold means fewer mistakes!  

Choose from two sizes:

Small gemstone:  Castings will be approximately 5/8 inches wide (widest point) by 3/4 inches tall

Large gemstone:  Castings will be approximately 1 1/8 inches wide (widest point) by 1 inch tall

The flexible silicone rubber allows you to use the mold dozens of time.  

To use the mold, mix and pour the resin according to manufacturer's instructions. Once the resin has cured, flex the silicone around the casting to release the resin.  It may be helpful to pour soapy water in between the resin and the mold to release the casting.  Because the molds are small you may want to warm them slightly with a heat gun before use.  For optimum life of your mold, we highly recommend using the Ultra 4 Parafilm paintable mold releaseto make sure your castings come out perfectly. 

After a cast is made, be sure to thoroughly clean the mold (removing any casting residue or release agent) before storing. Clean your molds with dish soap and water. To remove fingerprints use rubbing alcohol. Store silicone molds flat in a clean, dry location away from direct sunlight.  Be sure to read our 5 tips for keeping your silicone molds in top shape.

Customer Reviews

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Faceted Gemstone Mold ⭐️

I had to purchase both the small & large molds. The idea I have is to wire wrap them for necklace & matching bracelet. When I have them made I’ll post a photo of them 👍🏻❤️👍🏻 I’m over the moon with these, all though when I first got them, I thought they’re awfully small. As I started to think about them, they’ll look more real because of the size🤩 Too excited to start these yet, I just have to finish other projects yet❣️
If you have doubts about these molds, don’t ❣️🤩❣️ They will be so wonderful❣️❤️❣️