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Make your own set of gamer dice with an extra sharp edge. This silicone mold set of seven dice is perfect for making dice with an extra crisp edge.  That sharpness gives your resin dice an amazing sparkle and shine!  Castings range in size from 17 mm in diameter to 24 mm in diameter. 

Get one each of seven dice styles in the following sizes:

  • D4  19 mm X 19 mm 
  • D6  16 mm X 16 mm 
  • D8  19 mm X 27 mm 
  • D10  23 mm X 23 mm 
  • D12  18 mm X 18 mm 
  • D20  20 mm X 20 mm 
  • D100  23 mm X 23 mm 

Why use dice molds made of clear silicone?  The clear silicone is great for knowing exactly where to place your embedments or for removing bubbles. Being able to see through the mold means fewer mistakes!

These hand-poured silicone molds, made by House of Molds in Italy, are meant to last.  Plan on using these molds for dozens of dice castings!  

How do you use this set of extra-sharp sided dice molds?

Step 1:  Secure the mold closed with packing tape.

Step 2:  Mix and pour a casting resin into the mold opening.  Set aside to cure.

Step 3:  Remove the tape, open your mold, and remove your resin di.  Finish as necessary by sanding or adding acrylic paint to the number depression.

These flexible silicone rubber molds can be used with many materials, such as epoxy resin, polyester resin, polyurethane resin, wax, soap, precious metal clay, fimo clay, concrete, cement, and more.  Have questions about using these molds?  Be sure to check out our House of Molds FAQ.

Resin makers will need to finish the dice post-demolding to get a perfect edge.  Beginners should expect to use these molds several times to learn how to get perfect dice.

This set only includes the molds.  Sample dice are not included.

Learn how to use extra sharp edge silicone dice molds to make resin dice: 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jessica Bennett (Roseville, US)
Don't Recommend

Sprues are almost non-existent on my set, the holes are very, very tiny, and the molds themselves are a bit flimsy. Despite being very, very careful, one has already ripped along the edge of the d4.

Shane (Brisbane, AU)
Awesome moulds

These die moulds are amazing, clean crisp lines even though I’m very much an amateur. Love them!