Clear silicone set of 7 dice molds - sharp edges

Clear silicone set of 7 dice molds - sharp edges


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Straight from the team at House of Molds in Italy, make your own resin dice for games!  This set of seven molds allows you to create dice in several geometric shapes with a sharp edge.  Castings range in size from 17 mm in diameter to 24 mm in diameter. 

Final castings will be the following sizes:

D4  17 mm X 17 mm 
D6  14 mm X 14 mm 
D8  16 mm X 22 mm 
D10  19 mm X 22 mm 
D12  17 mm X 17 mm 
D20  20 mm X 20 mm 
D100  19 mm X 22 mm 

The clear silicone is great for knowing exactly where to place your embedments or for removing bubbles. Being able to see through the mold means fewer mistakes! The flexible silicone rubber allows you to use the mold dozens of time.  Use acrylic paint to highlight the numbers after demolding castings.

These flexible silicone rubber molds can be used with many materials, such as epoxy resin, polyester resin, polyurethane resin, wax, soap, precious metal clay, fimo clay, concrete, cement and more.  Have questions about using these molds?  Be sure to check out our House of Molds FAQ.

The listing is for the molds only.  Examples shown in pictures are not included.

How to use the molds:


Customer Reviews

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Not that great of a mold
Hi Alex, I'm sorry to see the dice molds didn't work out for you as you had hoped. I would be disappointed too. This typically happens from underfilling your molds during the casting process. We recommend overfilling the mold, fully filling the pour stem, which allows resin to sink into the mold as the bubbles escape. The good news is that the moldmakers have created a video showing how you can fix these deficits with another resin pour. You can watch it on youtube here:
Great molds, but...
Very well made!
HOM - Sharp Edge Dice Molds