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How do you take your game night to the next level?  By making your own set of custom resin dice.  This set of seven silicone molds with a sharp edge makes it easy!

These handmade, clear silicone molds are crafted by the husband and wife team of House of Molds in Italy.  They are made with the serious artist in mind and are designed to last for dozens of castings.  You won't believe how many dice sets you can make with these molds!

Get one each of the following seven dice styles and sizes:

  • D4  17 mm X 17 mm 
  • D6  14 mm X 14 mm 
  • D8  16 mm X 22 mm 
  • D10  19 mm X 22 mm 
  • D12  17 mm X 17 mm 
  • D20  20 mm X 20 mm 
  • D100  19 mm X 22 mm 

Why is clear silicone so awesome for casting resin?  It lets you see exactly where to place your embedments or for removing bubbles. Being able to see through the mold means fewer mistakes! 

How do you use sharp-sided dice mold set to make resin dice?

Step 1:  Press the molds closed with packing tape.

Step 2:  Mix and pour a casting resin into the mold opening.  Use resin colors or add found items to the resin.  Set aside to cure.

Step 3:  Remove the tape, open the molds, and remove the resin.  Finish as necessary including sanding and polishing if necessary.  Highlight the numbers with acrylic paint.

These flexible silicone rubber molds can be used with many materials, such as epoxy resin, polyester resin, polyurethane resin, wax, soap, precious metal clay, fimo clay, concrete, cement and more.  Have questions about using these molds?  Be sure to check out our House of Molds FAQ

Resin crafters will need to finish the dice post-demolding to get a perfect edge.  Beginners should expect to use these molds several times to learn how to get perfect dice.

The listing is for the set of seven dice molds only.  Dice shown in the pictures are not included.

How to use the molds: 

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We want you to be thrilled with your dice mold set purchase, but in case you're not, we gladly accept returns or exchanges of new and unused dice molds within 30 days of receipt.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alex Lopez (Brandon, US)
Not that great of a mold

Molds are not great...barely a reservoir to add extra resin so I don't get fully formed dice here are several examples below. Would not recomend

Hi Alex, I'm sorry to see the dice molds didn't work out for you as you had hoped. I would be disappointed too. This typically happens from underfilling your molds during the casting process. We recommend overfilling the mold, fully filling the pour stem, which allows resin to sink into the mold as the bubbles escape. The good news is that the moldmakers have created a video showing how you can fix these deficits with another resin pour. You can watch it on youtube here:

Kimberly Hack (Tucson, US)
Great mold set

I've tried other mold sets and let me just say this set is by far the easiest set I have ever tried using. The hole at the top is a little on the small side, so I ended up using a syringe to fill some of them. My trial run with them produced much better results that I was expecting, and I'm certain I can get them perfect with more practice.

Thanks Kimberly, we love hearing your experience with this dice mold set.

Justin (Dallas, US)
Great molds, but...

The molds look fantastic and make great looking dice! The only problem I have with them is the sprue is just too small and I definitely think it could be improved. Sometimes the resin goes below the top and the dice will be missing a corner.

Jessica Sosebee (Sparks, US)

I've been looking for sharp edged models for a very long time! I have not used resin in them yet but the molds look perfect! Shipping came in extremely fast as well!

Kate Sherard (Springfield, US)
Very well made!

The shipping took way less time than estimated and the molds have worked great! Nice sharp edges!