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Darice multipurpose heat tool

Darice multipurpose heat tool


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The Darice heat tool is perfect for applying heat to resin to pop surface bubbles. The low velocity, hot air flow, makes getting rid of those pesky bubbles a breeze! Quickly move the heat gun no closer than 1 1/2 inches away from your project to avoid damaging a mold or delicate bezel setting. Repeat as necessary to remove bubbles from the resin surface. The built-in stand rest on the front to allows you to set it on a surface without causing heat damage.  The safety shield over the metal nozzle ensures you don't accidentally burn yourself or your crafting surface.  

Note: Use caution when using. Not suitable for use by children.

Comes packaged in a sealed blister pack. 120V.  3 Amps.  Air can reach temperatures of 650F/350C.  Two prong power cord with easy on/off switch.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Wish I had this sooner!

This heat tool works MUCH better than using a hair dryer to get rid of bubbles. This has a gentle level of hot air that gets rid of the air bubbles without disturbing the resin.


Has a simple on/off switch, no temperature control but that's fine for the price.
Heats up very quickly! I wouldn't necessarily call it low velocity, be careful of blowing resin around.

Overall I am happy with my purchase, it does its job well.

Awesome tool

This will for sure solve your bubble problems. It is a great tool.


Really glad I found this. I think it is going to work great for what I need.