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It's the ultimate mold for computer gamers!  Make your own resin keycaps to personalize your keyboard.  Great for computer nerds or gaming enthusiasts.  It's a fun way to personalize your computer keyboard with DIY resin keys.

Choose from keycap molds for the following sizes:

  • Six single key caps with a paw prints
  • Backspace (1 1/4 inch long cap) plus four single keycaps
  • Enter (1 1/2 inch long cap) plus four single keycaps
  • 1 inch long cap plus four single keycaps
  • 2 caps lock (7/8 inches long) plus three single keys
  • Spacebar plus two enter (1 1/2 inches long) and one two-inch long bar

The keycap molds come with two parts:  one to make the keycap and the other to make the cross to set the cap into your keyboard.

Because keyboards vary between computers, use the measurements as guides to getting the mold for the exact key you want to create.

How do you use the resin silicone keycap molds?

Step 1:  Use a resin designed for casting into molds like the Resin Obsession super clear resin.

Step 2:  Match the front of the mold to the back of the mold before filling with resin so you know how to bring the two pieces together.  The edges should match exactly.

Step 3:  Fill the keycap mold approximately 2/3 the way full with mixed resin.  You can use resin colors first or add other found items. 

Step 4:  Fill the 'cross' side of the mold with resin too.  Pro tip:  It's easy for this section to get trapped with bubbles.  Go over it carefully to make sure the cavities are bubble-free before proceeding.

Step 5:  Bring the two parts together and keep them that way for the entire curing time.

Step 6:  Demold and sand off any sharp edges.

Step 7:  Use a keycap remover to remove your old computer keycap and replace with your new resin one!

Resin keycap charms shown were made with Resin Obsession super clear resinResin Obsession opaque magenta pigment, Pearl Ex turquoise, assorted glitters and candies.

For the best results and to prolong mold life, use a light layer of resin mold release before filling the mold with resin.

This mold is meant for those with resin experience.  Users should expect to use the mold a few times to know how much resin to pour into the mold along with getting a perfect cross on the keycap bottom.

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