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Nunn Design Glue

Nunn Design Glue


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Designed by the makers of Nunn Jewelry findings, this 2 ounce container of Nunn Design Glue can be used as an adhesive for the back or front of an image! It is silicone based, so it will not add extra moisture into the paper, and will dry transparent. 

How to use:  adhere the back of your paper image to a metal, glass or wood collage pendant: using a paintbrush, coat a thin layer over the full surface of the backside of the image. Brush a little on the edges to make sure the image is fully protected.

How to use Nunn Design Glue to apply images to the back of glass tiles, glass domes, or glass lockets: paint the glue on the backside of the glass and press your image into the glass; press firmly making sure there isn't any air trapped in between the glass.

Glue will appear milky white at first, but don't worry, it will dry clear in two hours. Paintbrush used to apply the glue can be rinsed with water immediately after use.