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Where resin crafting is more than a passion, it is an OBSESSION!

Resin Obsession Toobies For Resin Casting QTY 20

Resin Obsession Toobies For Resin Casting QTY 20


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Resin Obsession toobies For resin casting are great for creating holes in your resin without drilling holes. Just embed toobies between layers of your resin castings. Once cured, clean any resin that seeped into toobie.  The inner diameter of the toobie can fit a 20 gauge wire.

How to use toobies:  Pour your resin into half of the mold and let it cast. Cut your toobie to the exact size that you need it to be (the length of the mold--be careful not to cut the toobie too short--you want a nice, tight fit) and place it in the mold where you would normally have drilled your hole. Make sure your toobie is snug, otherwise it may move when your pour your next resin layer.  When your entire piece is cast and out of the mold you will end up with a hole in your cast that is perfect for a bead and you didn't even have to drill a hole!

See how you can add toobies to your resin castings here:

Customer Reviews

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saves so much time no need to drill any more

Handy addition…

Handy addition for my toolbox. I’ve never tried anything like this before. Nice to have an option to drilling. Particular when you need to go a little deeper into the resin.


They are great for my resin ornaments and other things. Nice to be able to cut it for any size


Very convenient and easy to use

Much easier than drilling

The majority of my resin work is jewelry related, so these are a must-have! They are small enough to be unobtrusive but big enough that they work with whatever stringing material I'm using. They're easy to cut with an Xacto or razor blade (tip: use masking tape to hold both ends against your cutting surface so they don't fly away when you cut). I cut them about 1mm longer than the space they're going in, and squeeze the mold to put them in without scratching the silicone.