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Reusable Mixing Cups wtih Stir Stixs and Brushes Set

Reusable Mixing Cups wtih Stir Stixs and Brushes Set


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The Reusable Plastic Measuring Resin Mixing Cups Set consists of 6 Reusable ten ounce Plastic Measuring Mixing Cups for measuring and mixing your resin, 3 stir stix and 3 brushes.  These cups have graduated lines to make sure you get accurate measurements every time.  These cups only have marks to the 8 ounce line, but hold 10 ounces when completely filled.  

The brushes and stir stix are easily reusable.  Wipe them clean with alcohol or acetone and a paper towel.  Wash with a good detergent.  Dry thoroughly before next use.  

Use care when wiping the outside of the cup with a solvent as it may remove the measurement lines.

See how easy it is to clean your cups here:

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great stuff

Stir sticks are wonderful and helped me be extra careful about not introducing bubbles into my resin mixes! Cups are great for mixing larger amounts of resin precisely!

All cups need to bow to the

These are great cups, smooth on the inside so you can clean them and reuse many times

Cups break easy but still good

I just don't know how to be gentle I guess xD

Very Useful

The cups make measuring a snap and are easy to clean. The stir sticks work great, and the brushes are perfect for getting mold release into hard-to-reach spots. This is a very convenient package!

Great Products

These cups are better for bigger batches of resin, but the stir sticks are extremely convenient to use for any size batch. I haven't gotten a chance to use the brushes yet, but I have a few plans in mind! All great quality products!