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Scrabble tile size silicone mold

Scrabble tile size silicone mold


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Our reusable silicone scrabble tile size mold is just what you need to make a batch of pendants in a short time!  This reusable silicone mold contains twenty scrabble tile sized wells.  Each well is 0.83 inches tall by 0.75 inches wide.  These wells are 1/4 inches deep which is slightly more than the standard 1/4 inch scrabble tile. 

The mold was made from highly polished plastic, so your castings won't have the wood grain pattern of a scrabble tile!  Mold color may vary from the picture shown.

For the best results and to prolong mold life, we recommend using our Ultra 4 Parfilm Polyester paintable mold release.  Be sure to also read our 5 tips for keeping your silicone molds in top shape

See how to use this scrabble tile size silicone mold along with the Resin Obsession color blast resin and toobies to make a colorful art deco bracelet


See how to use the molds in this video: