Create and replicate with
intricate detail.

Casting Models, Figurines, and Crafts

has never been easier!

Who else out there is too chicken to start with resin?

I get it.

Maybe you feel like you need to learn more first.
Maybe you’re confused about what products to buy.
Maybe you’re afraid of making a massive messy mistake and wasting your time and energy.

Or maybe you’ve already made a few projects and you’re wondering why things didn’t turn out like the picture in your head.


Any products will make any project.

But the RIGHT products will make something SPECTACULAR.

Stop buying random materials and crossing your fingers…

Resin Obsession will supply you with the perfect products to create something splendid. Even if you’re a beginner.

professional quality resin


Yes, there IS a difference between resins. It’s why we offer multiple formulas to get the look and finish you need.

rich colors for resin


Use anything to color resin? Sure, if you don’t care about the results. Our colors mix evenly and don’t fade.

resin molds and supplies


You found the resin you need, now maximize it with the tools to make all of your projects a success.

I'm ready to do this! But what do I need?

I would want to be sure I was buying the right resin supplies too. That’s why I’ve got a [FREE] Ultimate Guide to choosing a resin.

Here’s what creators like you are making with Resin Obsession products











colored resin bears
colored resin bears






Here’s what you can expect when you buy supplies at Resin Obsession:

World-class resin wares

Looking to build a side-hustle selling your resin creations?

Then you only want the best anti-yellowing, non-fading, hard-curing, easy-to-use products out there.

Bubbly people. Not bubbly products.

Creative time should be the best part of your day.

I’ve got tons of resin resources including how-to’s, tips and tricks, plus product support when you need it.

Whatever your skill level with resin — from hesitant beginner to experienced professional — I’m here to guide you in your resin journey.

Why buy your resin supplies at Resin Obsession?

Well maybe you shouldn't.

If you only want to make a one-off project. Or if you don’t care about getting crystal-clear, gorgeous resin projects, then you don’t need to buy from us.

The garbage you find on other sites, especially that one that funds some schmuck’s ride into space, will help you make something ordinary.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend my creative time making something ordinary.

It’s why for over a decade, I’ve worked hard to bring you supplies that the pro artists use.

And how do I know what the pro artists use?

Once upon a time, I was a metalsmith making silver jewelry. Every day, I worked hard to create something unique that my customers could someday gift to their granddaughters.

But one day, a recession hit and metal prices skyrocketed. Because of that, I had to find an alternative to silver to make jewelry.

That’s when I learned about resin, but had no idea how to use it. Which is why I took a week-long class with a [self-proclaimed] expert.

But instead of having showstopping jewelry by the end of the session, mine looked like a fizzy drink you’d find in a cocktail glass.

But without the swizzle stick and lime wedge.

The only insight from my teacher was ‘I don’t have this problem where I’m from.’

How in the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster am I supposed to use resin to make jewelry? 😣

I was back to square one.

That’s why I spent the next two years diving into resin to figure it out myself. There were heaps of mistakes and countless ugly cry moments. I ended so many days with, ‘why is this harder than it looks?’

Just when I was about to give up or die trying, things clicked. Not only was I making dynamite resin jewelry, but people were clamoring to buy it.

Then in 2011, I saw a need to help other artists create with resin and made Resin Obsession my new passion.

Ever since then, it’s been my dream to fast-track your resin success.

I'm here to make sure you have the supplies to make something SPLENDID with resin.