Mold Making Materials

Sometimes a ready-made resin mold just isn’t the right fit for your creative vision. When you can’t find a mold that fits your dream, why not try making your own? (We swear it’s not as scary as it sounds!) At Resin Obsession, we have mold making materials with varying flexibilities so you can find the medium that your process calls for. Still thinking, “Uh, Katherine, how am I going to do this??” Don’t worry! Our forum is full of How-To Project Videos on how to use our mold making materials -- we’ll guide you through the process!

Craft Ideas and Mold Making Troubleshooting

Because Resin Obsession was created out of our love for the craft and desire to help others along the way, we are eager to help you with your resin projects. The Molds and Mold Making section of our blog is filled with useful advice and tutorials on how to start on your own resin craft mold making projects and how to care for your mold making materials.

Have you already started on your mold making journey and got stuck along the way? Visit the Molds and Mold Making section of our forum to view common troubleshooting questions that have arisen from fellow Resinistas during their mold making process. If you don’t see your question already listed, post a new thread to the blog, and we will answer you within one business day!

Shipping Discounts and Rewards

At Resin Obsession, we love our customers and work hard to help you succeed in all your resin projects. Part of that is passing on great savings to you! US orders of +$75 qualify for free shipping -- and you can earn rewards points on your purchases, birthdays, and more! Visit our rewards program information page to get started, and shop our mold making materials now to earn points today!


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