Resin Fundamentals ebook

Resin Fundamentals ebook


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We know that you want to be an accomplished resin artist.  In order to do that, you need to understand how to work with resin.  The problem is learning how to work with resin can be confusing, which leaves you hesitant to get started.

We believe it shouldn't be that way.  Working with resin should be easy and FUN from the first moment you decide to try.

That's why Resin Obsession creative director and resin artist Katherine Swift has pulled her resin knowledge into this easy-to-follow book of the basics you need to know to work with resin.  Whether you want to create art, jewelry, or crafts, this 40 page PDF download will give you the essential details and the path you need to follow to be an awesome resin creator. 

Here's how to get to resin expert status:

Step 1:  Buy the book, being sure to check out with your email address.

Step 2:  Watch for an email with the download link for the resin book.  

Step 3:  Consume the details in this resin resource and feel confident in your understanding of how to be successful with resin.

This PDF download can be downloaded to any computer and shared with your favorite tablet.  After purchase, you will receive an email on how to get your copy of the book. 

You will have up to 30 days to complete the download.  You will not be mailed a hard copy.  Need a hard version?  Simply print the PDF.  In order to receive the download link for the book, please provide an email address when completing your order.

This book details the essentials beginning resin creators need to know, including:
• how to choose a resin for your project
• supply list
• troubleshooting guide

All that, plus:
• the safety precautions you need to take when using resin
• detailed resin mixing instructions applicable to all kinds of resin
• the secrets you need to know to become a resin master

Leave the fear of making mistakes behind.  Instead, get on the path to creating amazing resin art, jewelry, and crafts.


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