Resin Obsession only sells colors specifically designed to dye resin.  Relax knowing the colors you see tint your epoxy resin without impacting the curing or finish.

Resin dye, pigment and other colors for your epoxy projects

You want beautiful resin colors that stay true. And don't mess up your project.

So while it seems like you can color resin with dye or pigment, you might not always be happy with the results.

It's why Resin Obsession only sells colors designed to color resin. That means you won't have to worry about:

  • colors sinking
  • soft and bendy resin
  • fading and bleaching after curing

And should you run into challenges, we can help, because we use them ourselves. That means we can offer tips and advice on our resin colors so they make something gorgeous for you too.

You want your creativity to last a lifetime. Make sure your colors do too.