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Nothing hurts worse than buying a resin color that doesn't color your resin that way you expect it to.  It's aggravating!  That's why we only sell resin colors that are designed to color resin.  Feel confident that the colors you see are the colors you are going to get!


Resin Dyes, Pigments, and Other Colorants

When it comes to resin art, we love some color. Sure, black and white resin dyes are classics, but we also love the fun appeal of eye-catching shades like vivid metallic hues, glow-in-the-dark neons, and sparkling glitter add-ins that make a piece pop. No matter what resin pigment you imagine for your one-of-a-kind creation, Resin Obsession has got you covered! Our collection of resin dyes and pigments can be blended to create an endless amount of color combinations, not to mention dazzling layers and cool, suspended designs. Find the resin dye that’s perfect to bring your vision to life!

Resin Dyes in All the Colors of the Rainbow (and Beyond!)

Love a pop of vibrant rainbow colors? Our collection includes a wide variety of colorful resin pigments ranging from basic sets of primary colors to resin dye kits containing wild, fluorescent hues. Need a little metallic magic to take your craft from drab to fab? Check out our metallic resin pigment powders that you can mix into your resin to achieve a faux metallic look in bronze, copper, gold, or silver.

But the fun doesn’t stop at just resin dyes! (Can you tell we’re excited?) Explore our collection of glass glitters, gilding flakes, opals, and shattered mica products to add sparkle, texture, and dimension to your resin molds and castings.

Need some extra help along the way or want to see how other Resinistas are using their favorite hues? Our Resin Obsession community has your back! Check out our blog and our forums for helpful tips, tricks, and ideas on how to use your new favorite resin dyes!