Liquid Colorants

Resin colors specially made for epoxy

Nothing hurts worse than buying a resin color that doesn't color your epoxy the way you expect it to.  It's aggravating!  That's why we only sell resin colors that are designed to color resin.  Feel confident that the colors you see are the colors you are going to get.

Resin Tints in Every Color

Here at Resin Obsession, we strive to provide you with beautiful resin colors that will add life and vibrancy to all your projects. We only sell the colors we use ourselves. That means you can count on consistent results every time. Whatever your epoxy art needs, we’ve got something to suit you.

And buy resin and colors without getting your mixing supplies too. You want to be sure your art cures beautiful and glossy.

Using Your Resin Tints

Are you brand new to resin art and not sure where to start? Welcome to the Resinista family! As a part of the Resin Obsession community, you have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise unlike any other. And here's our top-rated article on the topic: how to color epoxy resin.


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