Make magic happen with our collection of resin molds. 


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Resin molds for your next creative adventure

Wondering if you can use anything as a resin mold?

You can't.

I know because I've tried. 😢

Just because you can pour resin into something doesn't mean it will come back out later.

That's why Resin Obsession only sells molds that meet our strict quality control standards. Besides being able to demold easily, we check our molds for surface imperfections. Any resin mold that isn't going to shape resin with that glorious, glossy finish, doesn't make it to the store.

Then, when it's time for us to send resin molds to you, they're carefully packaged (and sometimes blessed with studio kitty kisses) before shipping them to you.

You deserve the best resin molds for your creative time.