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Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy Resin 16 ounces

Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy Resin 16 ounces


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Alumilite's Amazing Clear Cast is a clear casting epoxy resin that produces a rigid and durable finish.  Use this clear resin for coating or finishing applications such as bar tops, floors, taxidermy scenery, lenses, and all sorts of other clear casting or coating applications. Amazing Clear Cast resin is an easy-to-use, two part resin, that mixes 1:1 by volume or weight.  This resin can be colored with Alumilite dyes, alcohol inks, or other non-water base colorants.

The Alumilite Amazing Clear cast resin also complies with FDA CFR 177.2600
which specifies the proper treatment for articles intended for use in producing, manufacturing, packing, processing, preparing, treating, packaging, transporting, or holding food. Resin must be mixed 1:1 by volume (not weight) in a smooth sided cup to ensure complete blending.  Allow a full 7 day cure before using castings for food purposes.  Pieces are suitable for cold or warm food contact only.  Cured pieces are not dishwasher, microwave oven or conventional oven safe.

This kit comes with 8 ounces each of Part A and Part B.  Also includes three 1 ounce mixing cups and two wooden stir utensils. 

To use this resin:


See how you can use Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy Resin resin to create Mason jar coasters.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Food safe resin

I painted wooden bowls and I was so worried the resin would pool in the bottom but it didn’t. The pour was so easy then I used a paint brush, I love the results.. my bows are so pretty and shiny. I would highly recommend this

Nice resin, clear dry, few bubbles

But god the smell. I don’t have access to a safe well ventilated space that is undisturbed unless you count the garage, my first cast with this was in my room and despite door and window open, I got a headache for two days while it was curing. Next cast happened in my garage with the door opened, but that meant I got bugs and dust in my paintings. It worked out but I hesitate to use it for any projects without flexibiity.

The cast itself was easy, the result smooth and with almost no bubbles. I would recommend if you have access to your own space for art or projects

Great Resin

I have been very happy with the quality of this resin. I've been getting nice, clear pours with no issues while curing, and haven't had too many issues with bubbles. I would recommend this resin

Easy, painless, turned out perfect!

I've never worked with resin before but I wanted to make some health potion props for our tabletop RPG night, and it couldn't have been easier or turned out better! Huge thanks to Resin Obsession for making it really easy to get everything I needed in one place (Amazon was weirdly enough full of sketch listings and super long shipping times for all things resin). I'll definitely buy again!

Wow. This looks fantastic Douglas. Thanks for sharing!
First Purchase

I am a veteran resin user, but new to Resin Obsession. They have been great to work with and have answered all of my questions. There is also a lot of good information on their website. I used Amazing Clearcast yesterday for the first time to embed beach sand in a set of bezels that I made. It worked great and the pieces will be delivered in the next day or two...Rob