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Castin'Craft Gloss Resin Sealer Spray

Castin' Craft Gloss Resin Sealer Spray


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Castin’ Craft resin gloss sealer spray is a multi-purpose fast drying, clear gloss finish sealer that is ideal for fixing small blemishes in cured resin pieces. Comes in a 5 3/4 ounce aerosol can.

It is easy to apply and great for sealing off surface tackiness on resin castings. Use on metal, wood, sea-shells, paper, dried flowers and more.  Also great for sealing items such as dried flowers and craft papers.

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See how to use the spray to get the best results here:



This clear gloss spray could be used as the perfect finishing touch for this open bezel jewelry project.

Customer Reviews

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Gloss Resin Sealer Spray

Amazing! Left my piece with the most incredible gloss and shine! I also used this to spray the dried baby's breath inclusions in my recent dice casting. Worked perfect - coated them just enough that they didn't float up and didn't cause air bubbles.

Avoid for epoxy casts

I bought this after a lot of research and endorsements. Mainly to get things super shiny and ready to sell. It has been a nightmare! Checked here that it would be okay w epoxy casts, got the okay from the sellers but it either makes my epoxy pieces cloudy or the “skin” it forms peels off. It has wrecked some nice pieces! Idk why but if you’re going here, be careful! A few pieces came out okay so 2 stars.

Hi Sarah, I'm sorry the gloss sealer spray didn't work out for you. What you describe is what we see when the spray is applied in thick coats rather than several thin coats. We find it works best when you apply a couple of coats lightly, then wait 20 to 30 minutes before applying another coat. We would like to work with you more to get this working for you. If you would like more help please reply to our email and we can get that going for you.
Resin Sealer Spray

I love this! I spray my real dried flowers before using them in resin. It really protects the flowers, keeping the shape and most importantly, the color. ❤️

Resin Spray

Love this as a finisher for all my work! Dries fast if you use thin coats as recommended. Company selling it is wonderful too! Great response and loads of information is available to assist you with your passion.

Resin Spray 👍🏻❤️👍🏻

Best resin spray I have found👍🏻❤️👍🏻
Don’t need a lot, just make sure you spray from a distance 👍🏻❤️👍🏻
I LOVE Resin Obsession❣️ Just can’t do any better for the price or the way it works 👍🏻🤩👍🏻