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Large Graduated 10 ounce reusable mixing cups - QTY 10

Large Graduated 10 ounce reusable mixing cups - QTY 10


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These reusable plastic measuring resin mixing cups come per pack of ten graduated measurement cups for measuring and mixing epoxy resin. These cups only have marks to the 8 ounce line, but hold 10 ounces when completely filled.  Use these larger to measure and mix your resin then pour in small amounts into 1 ounce cups where you have mixed in your colorants.  

How to clean your reusable cups. Wipe the cup clean with a paper towel while still set with resin. Use acetone or denatured alcohol to get out remaining resin. Wash with a detergent and allow to dry.

Use care when wiping the outside of the cup with a solvent as it may remove the measurement lines.

Come 10 per pack.

See how easy it is to clean the cups to reuse again here:

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Customer Reviews

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New cups!

I love these new cups! They are smooth so mixing is so much nicer. I hate when I get caught on an edge and make a mess. Also they clean up great so they can be used many times! Thanks RO

Love these cups!!

I have to say I really do like the cups. Did I mention they were reusable? They sure are. I ordered some and some came with a lot I also ordered too. If taken care of you will get several uses out of these cups. You can see the measurement lines easily as well. You won't go wrong with these. It is so important to measure resin exactly as the instructions are written. These cups are smooth all the way up which make scraping that hardener and mixing very thoroughly much easier than a plastic cup that is not made for resin. I've seen tutorials that show people using all kinds of things to mix resin. I don't have enough money to waste if my castings don't harden due to the fact that I wouldn't invest in the right cups and other things as well. Get them and you won't go wrong!! - Loretta

Good item

These cups are sturdy, easy to read, and the dried excess resin peels out easily. I am hoping there will be a 4oz version available soon.

Reusable Mixing Cups

I have been very happy with anything I order from this company. Shipping is fast and product is good quality. Love the teaching videos as well.

Graduated mixing cups

Shipped quickly. The product is very good quality and really useful.