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Reusable Mixing Cups wtih Stir Stixs and Brushes Set

Reusable Mixing Cups wtih Stir Stixs and Brushes Set


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The Reusable Plastic Measuring Resin Mixing Cups Set consists of 6 Reusable ten ounce Plastic Measuring Mixing Cups for measuring and mixing your resin, 3 stir stix and 3 brushes.  These cups have graduated lines to make sure you get accurate measurements every time.  The brushes and stir stix are easily reusable.  Wipe them clean with alcohol or acetone and a paper towel.  Wash with a good detergent.  Dry thoroughly before next use.  

Use care when wiping the outside of the cup with a solvent as it may remove the measurement lines.

See how easy it is to clean your cups here:

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cups break easy but still good

I just don't know how to be gentle I guess xD

Very Useful

The cups make measuring a snap and are easy to clean. The stir sticks work great, and the brushes are perfect for getting mold release into hard-to-reach spots. This is a very convenient package!

Great Products

These cups are better for bigger batches of resin, but the stir sticks are extremely convenient to use for any size batch. I haven't gotten a chance to use the brushes yet, but I have a few plans in mind! All great quality products!