Small Graduated 1 ounce Reusable Mixing Cups

1 ounce plastic mixing cups for resin - accurate measuring - reusable


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How do you make sure your resin cures without any stickiness?  You have to measure accurately!  These 1 ounce, medical-grade, plastic resin mixing cups can do just that.  Not only do they give you accurate measurements, but you don't have to worry about them melting or leaking like other cups.  You don't want a resin mess!

These reusable plastic measuring resin mixing cups come in a pack of twenty.  There are graduated lines starting at 2.5 ml and going up by 2.5 ml increments.  Lines go all the way up to 30 ml (1 ounce).

Pro tip:  Use these mixing cups to measure, then if you need more room, pour into our 10-ounce resin mixing cups.  (You can clean and reuse those cups as well!)

How do you clean your 1-ounce plastic mixing cups for resin for another use?

Step 1:  Wipe clean with a paper towel while the resin is wet.

Step 2:  Use acetone or rubbing alcohol to get out the resin that's left.

Step 3:  Wash with soap and let dry.

Here's how you can clean your plastic mixing cups from resin to use another time:

Customer Reviews

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A Must-Have For Resin

These little cups are great. I wouldn't mix resin without them as it is so important to get exact measurements with resin. I do wish that they were made with the measurement lines on the outside instead of the inside of the cup as I can feel my stirring stick hit them, and I think that may actually increase bubbles when stirring, and so I try not to hit them, but that is just the way that they are made, and so it can't be helped.


These are great for mixing small amounts of resin with color. I tend to make more colored resin than I need for a project. Meaning I either waste resin (NOPE!) or fill other moulds with what's leftover. Many times I don't have any idea what I'm going to use the leftover moulded item for. Now, that's great to hang onto for a future project. Unfortunately, I have a lot of leftovers right now and no idea for projects yet. These will also be GREAT for when my granddaughter comes for a Resin Play Day. We can both make a lot of different colors to share and have more fun. Thanks for wonderful supplies at an amazing price!

Small Graduated reusable mixing cups

Clearly marked, flexible, easy to clean for reuse. Fast shipping:)

4 knobs

Thus cup has a smooth bottom but it does have four knobs sticking up equally spaced at the bottom inside edge where the bottom meets the sides. Not good for mixing very small quarries of paint because your stirring stick hits each one of these tits making it impossible to get a perfect mix. The perfect Mia is essential when using very expensive two part epoxy paint. Good news is it has a non raised bottom. Would work fine on non epoxy paints.

GREAT product

These cups are everything. Very flexible and easy to clean! I use them just about every single time I cast resin. I like how flexible they are, it makes it very easy to pour the resin in small spaces. Will definitely buy again.