Alumilite Amazing Silicone Putty Kit - silicone molding putty

Alumilite Amazing Silicone Putty Kit - silicone molding putty


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Have something you want to make a mold of and want an easy way to get it done?  Two-part silicone molding putty makes it easy for you to have a flexible, reusable, food-safe mold in 30 minutes!

The Alumilite Amazing Mold Putty kit contains two parts that when mixed and formed around your model, cures to fit the shape.  Use this silicone molding putty to make replicas of things around your house like toy bricks, other charms, and clay shapes, then fill the mold with resin.  You can also use this to make molds that you can fill with plaster, polymer clay, wax, and soaps.  Not only that, but the non-toxic putty is Food Grade FDA compliant and can be used for making ice cubes and chocolate treats.   

How do you use this silicone molding putty to make a resin mold?

Step 1:  Mix equal amounts of the white and yellow parts by hand until the color is uniform and streak-free.

Step 2:  Form the putty ball around your template.

Step 3:  After sitting for 30 minutes, remove your original.

Your mold is now ready to use for whatever you can imagine!

Packaged in a 2/3 lb kit.  Not intended to be used by children under the age of 13 without adult supervision. If using Amazing Mold putty for food, candy, or ice applications, do not use it with any other materials. Designate the mold as 'FOOD ONLY'. The mold may be washed with soap and water in between uses.

Have more questions about how to make this silicone molding putty kit work for you?  Here's a two-minute video showing exactly how to use the mold putty to make a silicone mold.

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