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Alumilite Amazing Silicone Putty Kit

Alumilite Amazing Silicone Putty Kit


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Alumilite's Amazing Mold Putty kit is non-toxic putty that is Food Grade FDA compliant. Great for making quick simple flexible rubber molds for resin, plaster, polymer clay, wax, chocolate, soap, candy, ice and more.  Simple to measure and mix by hand.

Packaged in a 2/3 lb kit.  Not intended to be used by children under the age of 13 without adult supervision. If using Amazing Mold putty for food, candy, or ice applications, do not use with any other materials. Designate the mold as 'FOOD ONLY'. The mold may be washed with soap and water in between uses.


  1. Start with equal amounts of white and yellow Amazing Mold Putty.
  2. Mix the putty together until a uniform yellow color is achieved (usually 1 minute).
  3. Roll the mixed putty into a ball to eliminate all the creases.
  4. Starting from the highest point, begin to roll the putty over your item.
  5. Continue to roll the putty around your item until you've covered all the detail.  Try to finish with a 'flat back'.
  6. Let sit for 20 minutes.
  7. Remove the original piece from the now flexible mold.
  8. Use your mold for your resin creations and projects!

Still have questions about how it works?  This two minute video shows the mold putty in action: