Alumilite Liquid resin dye - SINGLE 1 ounce colors

Alumilite Liquid resin dye - SINGLE 1 ounce colors


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Need a translucent or opaque color for your resin?  This versatile liquid resin dye can be translucent or opaque -- so you can do it your way.  These Alumilite brand resin dyes are translucent when used with clear resin and opaque when used with white resin. Of course, you can customize your color by the varying amount used or by using it in combination with other Alumilite dyes. 

These resin dyes come in 1-ounce bottles.  Choose from the following colors:  black, blue, green, orange, red, violet, yellow, ocean blue, and white. 

All colors will cast translucent, with the exception of the white, brown, and black which always cast opaque.  Use no more 5% of the dye by weight to ensure the resin hardens as expected. The more you use the darker the color will be.

These dyes are designed for use with Alumilite resins.  We cannot assure quality results when used with other brands of resin.

These liquid dyes have a thick consistency.  You will need to cut the tip off the end of the bottle to be able to squeeze the resin dye into your mixed resin.  We also have this helpful video: tricks for getting Alumilite dye out of the bottle.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Only the best

I’ve purchased many dyes but resin obsessions are my absolute favorite hands down. So little used but such beautiful color.

Thanks so much Marty. We love reading this!

Very Concentrated

I bought the white to make ocean waves. I really like it, its just white, no pearlizing. A little goes a long way.

Vibrant Colors :)

I love how vibrant the colors are. You don't need a lot of dye so be careful. I also "softened" colors by adding white colorant. Great purchase! Thank you RO for another fantastic buy!!

PURE black!

So many of the black dyes that you can purchase elsewhere simply look dark green when mixed into the resin, but this one is a true, rich black! AWESOME find!

Beautiful, deep colors

I accidentally squirted too much of the Translucent Red in my "roses" mold. The color is deep red and almost opaque. No problems with sticky resin with too much color, but since I was using
Alumilite Resin, I guess maybe I'm not surprised. The colors are beautiful.