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Are you a beginner and want to learn how to use resin?

This resin kit is the best and easiest way for newbies to get fun and creative with resin crafting! This resin is perfect for making coasters, tumblers, jewelry and crafts, plus cures hard and durable.  

You'll get the key resin supplies to get you started the same day you receive this kit.  You'll get:

  • Alumilite 8 oz Amazing Epoxy Resin Starter Kit.  This resin is perfect for jewelry and crafts, plus cures hard and durable.  Oh yeah, did we mention it's specifically formulated for molds, which means your resin crafts will cure bubble-free?
  • Mica Powders in Green, Blue, Magenta & White. Highly pigmented 1-gram jars that add vibrant color to your resin projects. Combine them to make any color in the rainbow!
  • Powder brush. Use this to dust mica powders inside of your molds for the most dazzling demold you've ever seen.
  • 6 resin mixing cups. These 1-ounce cups are perfect for your small pouring projects or if you need to split up your mixed resin.  
  • 6 resin stirring sticks. The sturdy sticks ensure you mix thoroughly to avoid sticky spots on your resin surface.  
  • Latex gloves. Because safety first!  
  • Spatula. Use the sturdy, slanted edge to scrape excess resin off the sides or top of your molds.

You'll get all this, plus clear written directions on how to mix your resin. There's no guessing here on what you need to do to make something beautiful.

Love it! I am a beginner to using resin and this was a great starter set! Would recommend to anyone! -- Lindsi S., Cambridge, OH

How do you use this resin kit for beginners?

Step 1:  Mix one part A (resin) to one part B (hardener) by volume. Mix at least 1/2 ounce, but no more than 3 ounces (total) at once. 

Step 2:  Stir together for two to three minutes until streak-free and the mix is clear. Scrape the bottom of the sides of the cup frequently. Pour into separate mixing cups to add color to your mixed resin (as many cups as colors you want to mix. 

Step 3:  Pour into your mold. Add other fun items like beads, charms, candy sprinkles, etc. 

Be sure to use your mixed resin within 20 to 25 minutes. It will start to harden after that.

What else makes this craft and jewelry resin perfect for beginners?  

✅ It's USA-made. You don't have to worry about mystery ingredients that might be dangerous.

✅ Comes with 2-part epoxy, colorants, gloves, and mixing and measuring implements

✅ Cures to a durable crystal-clear finish for casting and coating applications

✅ Great for making coasters, tumblers, jewelry, and more!

✅ Coat tabletops, countertops, cutting and charcuterie boards, pictures and much more!

The super clear resin is perfect for making

resin dice


resin bracelet


resin dominoes

Game pieces

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H. (Hamden, US)
Love it!

I am a beginner to using resin and this was a great starter set! Would recommend to anyone!