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Book journal cover clear silicone mold

Book journal cover clear silicone mold


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Make your own notebook and journal covers in three different sizes!  Each mold casts with holes in place making connected them with wire, ribbon, or other ties easy peasy!

  • The small mold makes castings 9 1/2 cm by 13 cm.
  • The medium mold makes castings 10 1/2 cm by 17 1/2 cm.
  • The large mold makes castings 21 cm by 15 1/2 cm.

Each mold is approximately 1/8 inch deep.

The small mold holds 40 cc of resin.  The medium mold holds 60 cc of resin.  The large mold holds 105 cc of resin.

For each mold, there are six 'cast in place' holes that are 4 mm in diameter.  For the small mold, the holes are 1.3 cm apart with no center gap.  The gap between the first three holes and the second three holes is 4.3 cm in the medium sized mold and 6.3 cm in the large sized mold.

Each mold holds approximately one to two ounces of resin.

Get ideas for create your own book covers here:  5 resin book cover ideas

For the best results and to prolong mold life, we recommend using our Ultra 4 Parfilm Polyester paintable mold release. Be sure to also read our 5 tips for keeping your silicone molds in top shape


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Notebook cover mold

Easy to remove piece from mold, the small mold makes a great purse size book

Journal Cover Molds (all sizes)

Every size is easy to work with; my favorite for gifting is the small. Molds release cleanly and well, since I got the Ultra 4 ParFilm Mold Release I ALWAYS use it.

Journal cover mold (small)

A fun and versatile mold. The small size is great for making sketchbooks and journals. The attached picture is a cover I made as a test. (If, like me, you tend go a little overboard and try to add too many things, you can overfill the mold a little and just re-drill the holes and trim the edges and it still looks pretty good!)

Journal silicone mold

Love these molds! I purchased all three sizes and they are very easy to use. The best part of the purchase was receiving a personal email from Katherine letting me know that she was there to help. 💜

Great mold.

Good quality mold, clear lines clean pull. Perfect sized for A5/6/7 paper with space at the edge of coverage and ease of opening