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Clear silicone dice molds - single dice molds

Clear silicone dice molds - single dice molds


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Straight from the team at House of Molds in Italy, make your own resin dice for games!  Choose individual molds from six unique styles:

  • D4 dice mold 17 mm X 17 mm 
  • D6 dice mold 16 mm X 16 mm 
  • D8 dice mold 18 mm X 24 mm 
  • D10 dice mold 21 mm X 21 mm 
  • D12 dice mold 17 mm X 17 mm 
  • D20 dice mold 20 mm X 20 mm 
  • D100 dice mold 21 mm x 21 mm

These molds are sold individually. Buy more, save more with the complete set of 7 dice molds 

The clear silicone is great for knowing exactly where to place your embedments or for removing bubbles. Being able to see through the mold means fewer mistakes! The flexible silicone rubber allows you to use the mold dozens of time.  Use acrylic paint to highlight the numbers after demolding castings.

These flexible silicone rubber molds can be used with many materials, such as epoxy resin, polyester resin, polyurethane resin, wax, soap, precious metal clay, fimo clay, concrete, cement and more.  Have questions about using these molds?  Be sure to check out our House of Molds FAQ.

The listing is for single molds only.  Examples shown in pictures are not included.

How to use the molds:


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Very pleased

I bought this as my first 3d model with the intent to make dice for my gaming group and friends and I am very please with it. The inside is nice and smooth and the dice come out very shiney and polished with very little finishing work needed.

Loved it!

I have used this mold many times, its easy to use, and has survived many castings, even when i failed to mix the resin it still came clean super easily!


I received my d20 mold about a week ago. The first casting was clear and beautiful. After that, I realized that my regular resin (polyester) was probably not the best for that. I asked for feedback and the Resin Obsession crew gave me lots of helpful suggestions.
I do have one concern - the mold is starting to tear a bit, no matter how careful I am. I've made about 6 dice so far, so I am concerned that it may not stand up to the abuse I'll end up putting it through. (I own my own business, so I pour daily.)

Make Great Dice!

I got a set of these molds and they work fantastic! The dice come out looking polished and shiny, and the molds themselves are sturdy and well-made. I did have to purchase some plastic injectors to get the resin into the tiny openings, though!

Good but not perfect

These produce good quality casts but the durability is not very good. My first set lasted about 2 months before they were no longer usable. Even mild heat to warm them up for casting yellowed the molds so they couldn't be used to cast UV resin. If well cared-for they make beautiful dice.