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Day Blue glow in the dark powder

Day glow in the dark powder - single 1 ounce package


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These powders will give you double duty:  use them to color your resin, then watch them glow after being charged with a bright light source.  The standard recipe is 1 part glow powder to 4 parts resin, although when making tiny artifacts you may be able to use even less.

Non toxic formula.  Choose from 8 colors, each in its own 1 ounce package.

Glow Times:

  • Green - longest time of 8 hours
  • Blue - 4 hours
  • Purple - 4 hours
  • Yellow - 4 hours
  • Pink - 2 hours
  • Salmon - 1 hour
  • Orange - 1 hour

Note:  glow times are approximate.   Powders need to be charged with a light source rich in UV light, such as the sun, black light, UV lamp, or fluorescent light before they will glow. If using an incandescent lamp, GE Revel light bulbs are recommended. The darker the room, the brighter the powders will glow after being charged.

These powders are meant for adult use only.  They are not food safe or cosmetic grade. Conforms to ASTM D-4326. 

See how to use the powders to make glow in the dark resin earrings.

See how to use the powders to make a Halloween wreath with glow-in-the-dark eyes

This short video shows the powders in action:


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love it

I love the brightness of the blue in the dark.. great product


Glows crazy bright and mixes with other colors great! be sure not to use too much of other powder colors (metallics) though as it will be hidden because they set quite solid. But I can still see a hint of a glow in it which makes the gem almost like a rainbow.

really nice

i got it in purle!! that so pretty and nice!!
will try other colors next time