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You can't make this resin for wood tables cure with bubbles. (We know because people have tried.) This epoxy for wood river tables (and more!) cures slowly, avoiding cracking and cloudiness, making it perfect for your thick pour projects.

And with the slow curing, you'll have extra time to pour additional layers. That's right -- say goodbye to seam lines between layers.

What makes this resin for wood tables so awesome?

  • Pour in fewer resin layers.  That means fewer chances for mistakes whether you keep it clear or add resin colors.  
  • Meets the highest level of safety standards.  Conforms to ASTM D-4236.  VOC free.
  • Made in the USA.

Amazing resin! Have bought this set 2 times now and am about to buy it a third I can’t get enough of this stuff! Crystal clear dry and so easy to work with for molds. -- Maria M., Highland, CA

How do you use this resin for wood tables?

Step 1:  Mix two parts A to one part B. Mix at least 3 ounces (total A + B), but no more than 3 gallons (total A + B) at once.

Step 2:  Stir for three to five minutes until the streaks are gone, and the mix is clear. You'll have 30 to 90 minutes to use the resin once you start mixing.

Step 3:  Pour into your wood table space or open mold. This resin for wood is 90% cured in three days. 

Here's how to use this epoxy to make resin and wood coasters.

What else, besides tables, can you use this resin for wood to make?

This deep pour epoxy also works exquisitely in big mold projects such as:

  • Encasing flower bouquets
  • Preserving nature and insect specimens
  • Building rock, shell, and mineral displays
  • Or making something in a mold that takes 3 ounces or more of resin. Like this cute jewelry box


The deep pour epoxy resin is perfect for making

Casting resin

River tables

wood and resin coaster set

Coaster sets

Resin vase

Paperweights and vases

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Tim Martin (Buellton, US)
Love it!

The deep pour resin is my “go to” resin. It is so predictable and easy to use. I do a lot of casting with resin and wood and with using a vacuum pot followed by a pressure pot, my pieces come out void free when I turn them on the lathe. Thank you!

These are gorgeous Tim. We're in awe of what you're making!

cheryl spicer (Oldsmar, US)
Great product

Love this product every time I use it!

Brianna (Kirkland, US)

The best and cheapest resin I have ever found. No problems with bubbles or streaks like I used to have. Cures the clearest out of anything I’ve ever bought!

This is beautiful Brianna. We LOVE it!

MARY SANGER (Grove City, US)
I don't do reviews but this is different

I am terrible at posting reviews but I always read the reviews on products so wanted to take a minute and let you know if you are reading this, you are on the right track. Resin Obsession is a straight up good product. Very few (if any) bubbles, low odor and easy pouring. Unlike fast cure products, this product is thinner so less problems with bubbles. It does take 2 to 3 days to come to a hard cure (and full cure in 7 days). As I said, I am lazy and don't normally post reviews but if you are spending the money for a deep pour resin, you need to know this one is (almost) fool proof. I have done dozens of pieces and have not had one tacky piece or ugly bubbles. I have posted pictures on another review I posted. Take a look. Pyramid with not one bubble and very clear. Even if you are a beginner, you can lose with this product. Order the 1 1/2 galled. It's less expensive per ounce that way and free (not to mention FAST) shipping. I realize this sounds like a fake review but it isn't. I just love the stuff enough to post reviews.

These are just beautiful Mary. We love seeing what you did with the deep pour resin!

jeannette odhner (Nazareth, US)
Deep pour resin

I received my deep pour resin last week. I have made plates with it so far and it works wonderfully! No bubbles. Easy to use. My cure time was 72hrs. Unfortunately it’s quite chilly in the room I work in. But they still cured perfectly! Thank you

These are beautiful Jeannette. Thank you for sharing them with us!