Flower-Shaped Business Card Holder Silicone Mold

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 Show off your creative side by making a business card holder for your details.  Use this mold to make a graduation gift or to congratulate someone on a new job.  Plus, if you've got a thin smartphone, it works to hold it.

Flowers will be 4 inches tall, 3 3/4 inches wide, and 1/2 inch deep.  The cardholder niche forms into the resin as it cures.  It is 1/2 inch wide by 3/8 inches deep.

The holder shown here was made with Resin Obsession super clear resin, beach shells and sand.

Using this flower-shaped silicone mold to make a business card holder is pretty simple.  (Even if you're a resin newbie.)

Step 1.  Measure and mix a resin for crafts.  Using that epoxy type ensures your holder cures beautifully bubble-free.

Step 2.  Personalize the holder with resin colors, stickers, baubles, and more.  If you're making this for a gift, include some mementos that are special to your recipient.

Step 3.  Peel the formed resin out of the silicone mold after it's dry.  Marvel in what you just made!

What's the resin crafter's secret to keeping your molds in mint condition?  It's using mold release for resin.  It protects your mold from wear and tear that makes it crumble and tear.

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Judy Kritikos (Seattle, US)
A full 5 stars!

I love this mold. It even holds cell phones, too. Win-Win.