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Large Graduated 10 ounce reusable resin plastic mixing cups - QTY 10


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How do you make sure your resin cures as expected?  You have to get accurate measurements!  These plastic resin mixing cups are designed for use with resin.  Not only do they give you accurate measurements, but you don't have to worry about them warping or leaking like other cups.  You don't want a resin mess!

These reusable plastic measuring resin mixing cups come per set of ten.  The cups have graduated lines up to 8 ounces and 250 milliliters, but hold 10 ounces when completely filled. 

Pro tip:  Use these larger resin mixing cups to measure and mix your resin then pour into smaller 1-ounce mixing cups to make it easier to pour resin slowly.

How to Use

How do you clean your resin mixing cups for another use?

Step 1:  Wipe the cup clean with a paper towel while still set with resin.

Step 2:  Use acetone or denatured alcohol to get out the remaining resin.

Step 3:  Wash with a detergent and allow to dry.

Use care when wiping the outside of the cup with a solvent as it may remove the measurement lines.

Looking for a set of resin mixing cups that has stirring utensils too?  Then you will want this resin cup and mixing utensil set.

See how easy it is to clean the cups to reuse again here:

Shipping & Returns

These plastic resin mixing cups can ship worldwide!

Need your order in a hurry?  No problem!  We have overnight and two-day delivery options available.

We want you to be thrilled with your purchase, but in case you're not, we gladly accept returns or exchanges of unused resin mixing cups within 30 days of delivery.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Large graduated 10 ounce measuring cups

Excellent compliment to smaller measuring cups. Perfect for mixing larger amounts for multiple colors (transfer to smaller cups). Minimal mess. I had no issue with the resin not pouring ‘cleanly’ or running down the side of the cup. Wish I had purchased sooner.

We LOVE hearing this. Thank you!

Not Great

I bought these thinking “a mixing cup is a mixing cup”—but unfortunately I was wrong. I bought some others from another major online retailer (so I have a basis for comparison) for half the price and they were much better. The issue I have with these is that the resin does not pour out “cleanly” it runs down the side of the cup and makes a huge mess. These might work better for huge projects where you are pouring the entire cup into a large area or want to mix in this cup, pour into another to pour into project (not sure why anyone would want to do that...) but for smaller detail work (jewelry, paperweights, coasters, etc) I would look elsewhere.

Hi Jeff, thanks for taking the time to share your insight. You're right, these cups definitely work better for large pour resin projects. For your small pour projects, our one ounce mixing cups will help you make less of a mess. You can get them in our store here: https://shop.resinobsession.com/collections/tools-and-supplies/products/1-ounce-reusable-plastic-mixing-cups

Great for larger projects

I love using these cups. I reuse them often and they stand up to multiple use. Quality is always number one with Resin Obsession.

That's great to hear Marion Anne. Thank you!

Exactly as advertised

Easy to find the item online even in the clutter of the internet, good price, timely delivery, zero problems.

Great Cups

These cups are great! I love how flexible the cups are because they make pouring clear resin into other cups for color mixing much easier and less mess. The measurements are easy to read and mixing resin a breeze. Thank RO for another awesome purchase!!