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Novus resin polishing kit

Novus resin polishing kit


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The Novus polishing system allows you to easily polish your resin jewelry and crafts to a soft sheen.  This non-toxic product is great for many acrylics and plastics too!  This kit includes one 2 oz bottle of Novus #1, one 2 oz bottle of Novus #2, and one 12 inch square reusable microfiber polishing cloth.

Instructions for use:

  1. If the resin surface is dirty, clean with Novus #1
  2. Shake Novus #2 well.  (Test on an inconspicuous area first if concerned about product performance.)
  3. Apply Novus #2 liberally to the resin surface.  Use the microfiber cloth to polish with firm circular motions or across scratches at right angles.  Use more pressure over scratches if necessary.
  4. Once all scratches are removed, apply Novus #2 uniformly over the resin casting, keeping the cloth saturated at all times.  Allow to dry to a light haze.
  5. Using a clean portion of the polishing cloth, buff the surface to a slippery glaze using firm, short strokes.  This procedure is important to achieve the best results.
  6. Using another clean section of cloth, apply Novus #1 to the surface to maintain the gloss and give it a protective coating.

For the best success, all major scratches and blemishes should be sanding from the surface before using the Novus system. While these compounds give a soft shine, they will not leave a 'wet to the touch' look. If you're wanting to have that kind of finish to your resin jewelry, we suggest using our Resin Gloss sealer spray.

Watch the Novus polishing system in action:

Customer Reviews

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Good Product

I am not an avid “polisher” but I do like this product. It worked for me very well, but Would be better to use with a power polisher if you are at all like me and have poor arm strength for polishing and buffing.

Novus Resin Polishing Kit

Wow! This kits is great! Brought a lovely shine on my project after sanding.


very happy, exactly what I needed for my project, thanks again :)

Really works

I followed the instructions and watch the video, it really works and gives a new life my old or new scratches piece.

Happy customer

Very good product for polishing my resin jewellery. Fast postage and amazing seller. 10/10