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Take your resin art from a thing to THE next best thing.  This epoxy resin creates a glossy depth on art projects whether you use it clear or colored.

And it's cured to the touch in under 18 hours, meaning you can create your next project sooner.

What makes this epoxy art resin so amazing?

  • Safe epoxy resin that meets the highest level of standards.  Conforms to ASTM D-4236.  VOC free.
  • Made in the USA 

I absolutely love this resin! It is very easy to work with from mixing, applying, and light torching. Dries crystal clear and smooth. My art pieces shine. -- Karla L, Spokane, WA

How do you use this glossy finish epoxy art resin?

Step 1:  Mix one part A to one part B by volume. Mix at least 3 ounces (total) but no more than 1 gallon (total) at one time.

Step 2:  Stir for three to five minutes until streaks have disappeared and the mix is clear. You'll have 20 to 35 minutes to use the resin.

Step 3:  Pour on a painting, countertop, table top, or another flat surface. It's dry to the touch in as soon as 18 hours.

Here's how you can use this epoxy to make resin art.

This epoxy art resin kit has enough to cover approximately 55 square feet. 

What else can you use this artwork resin for?

  • Resurfacing countertops
  • Giving a glossy finish to tabletops
  • Keeping mixed media projects preserved


The artwork resin is perfect for making

professional quality resin

Colorful art

epoxy countertop

Custom countertops

mixed media collage covered with epoxy resin

Collage coatings

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Marc Scheff (Brooklyn, US)
I'm done

I'm done. Finished. No more shopping around for resin for my resin block portraits because I have met The One. This Deep Pour resin is so clear, and so remarkably easy on the bubbles. With all other resins I have to torch over and over, many times, and with this it's practically one and done. Done, like I am done with buying other resins!

This is GORGEOUS Marc. What you can do with the deep pour resin is BLOWING OUR MINDS!

Karla Lautenbach (Spokane, US)
Clear Choice

I absolutely love this resin! It is very easy to work with from mixing, applying, and light torching. Dries crystal clear and smooth. Working time is enough and clean up is a snap. When I have miscalculated the amount needed, a second coat has always come out flawlessly. I don't worry when working with this resin. My art pieces shine. This is my go to product! Thank you Resin Obsession for your awesome resin and your helpful instructions and tips and tricks! Free shipping is also a lovely plus! Love and obsessed with your products :)

It's our pleasure Karla. Thanks for the opportunity to help you create something beautiful!

Mary West (Mansfield, US)

The clearwork resin mixed well had nice leveling actually pretty clear few bubbles but not as many tiny ones. Will definitely buy again..