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Where resin crafting is more than a passion, it is an OBSESSION!

Resin Obsession Stir Stix

Resin Obsession Stir Stix


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The Resin Obsession stir stix are moisture free and reusable. These plastic paddles are just what you need to get a good mix of your resin in mixing cups.  Use acetone and a paper towel to wipe clean after each use.

Paddles are 5 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

These are great..I had been using toothpicks to stir my UV resin!

stir sticks

love them, they are so much better than wooden sticks as well as very sturdy

I love these!

Great at scooping, stirring, and scraping. These are much better at staying tidy than popsicle sticks or equivalent, which end up getting resin all up the sides and inevitably all over your gloves as well.

Wipe them down with acetone or alcohol when you are done and use them over and over :)

The best!

Since I was so new to resin, I had nothing to compare these stir stixs to. I finally used another brand's stir sticks and while being made out of plastic, as well, they were rounded and I had a harder time getting the very edge all around my cup and the rounded corners stirred too. I now had something to compare these six to. I still haven't used the wooden popsicle sticks but one time since because someone posted on pinterest that they would absorb more bubbles just after mixing if you let it sit for a few minutes withers the popsicle stick left in the cup of mixed resin. It didn't help with my bubbles. I wouldn't even want to use any other brand of stir sticks except for the Resin Obsession brand no matter which brand of resin I am mixing. These stir stix work far superior, in my opinion, to the other brand I tried and the wooden ones. Great product and well worth the investment. These can be used over and over if cleaned and put away with the rest of your supplies. Fast delivery as always and questions always answered in a timely manner too. I will stay with Resin Obsession for so many more reasons than I could mention here. Great job Resin Obsession!!! 5 stars from this newby.

Wish I bought sooner

These work perfectly and are so easy to wipe off. Other plastic stir sticks I had were oddly shaped and cleaning them was fine but these stir stix made clean up that much easier. Also, they cover more area stirring in a little measuring cup so that is nice!