Silicone bangle bracelet resin mold for large hands and wrists

Silicone bangle bracelet resin mold for large hands and wrists


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Make the resin bracelet of your dreams with this silicone bracelet mold.  The mold opening is large enough to fit flowers and other charms with ease.  This wide opening also makes it easier to pour your clear resin!

These largest sizes of these molds are great for ladies with a large hand or wrist.  Choose from three inner diameter sizes

  • 6.3 cm inner diameter
  • 6.6 cm inner diameter
  • 6.9 cm inner diameter
  • 7.2 cm inner diameter

All resin bracelet sizes will cast 1.8 cm tall and 0.8 cm thick.

Using this bangle bracelet mold to make resin bracelets is as easy as:

1.  Mixing your casting resin

2.  Pouring into your mold adding fun things like charms, flowers, and other found items.

3.  Demolding by twisting the mold away from the bracelet once the resin cures.

Make sure your castings come out perfectly by treating your mold before use with mold release

Bracelet shown here was made with clear casting resin and dried flowers.  It is for sample purposes only and does not come with the mold. 

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