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Silicone drop pendant mold - make open drop resin pendants

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Create dramatic drop pendants with this silicone pendant mold.  The beautiful shape of this mold makes it easy to be a focal point.  Create your pendant, then loop onto cord or ribbon.  No need to use a bail!

Pendants will measure 2 inches long by 1 3/8 inches wide (widest part).  Resin pendants will be 3/8 inches deep at the highest point.

The flexible silicone rubber means you can use this mold over and over.  The clear silicone allows you to see exactly where to find those dreaded bubbles before your resin cures.

How do you use this silicone drop pendant mold to make resin pendants?

Step 1:  Measure and mix a clear casting resin specially made for molds, like the Resin Obsession super clear resin.

Step 2:  Add resin colors if desired before pouring into the mold cavity.

Step 3:  Demold the cured resin and finish with a ribbon or cord necklace.

For easier demolding, apply a light mist of resin silicone mold release to the mold surface 30 minutes or more before filling with resin.

This silicone drop pendant mold can ship worldwide!

Who likes waiting for the resin supplies order?  Uh, no one!  That's why we ship 6 days a week to get orders to you quickly.

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Customer Reviews

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KnotinMetal (Los Angeles, US)
Silicone Drop pendant mold

A favorite! First time using a clear mold, the only way to go if using color. Releases easily, beautiful shape. Yes, I did over-pour, learning curve. There is a small interior ‘blemish’ that transferred to the piece, an easy fix considering the price of the mold, very happy.
Thank you Katherine:)

We love reading this. Thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds like you are making some awesome resin pendants!