Square shape trinket box resin mold - make a resin jewelry box

Square shape trinket box resin mold - make a resin jewelry box


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Making resin boxes has never been this easy!  This clear, two-part, silicone, square-shaped silicone box mold lets you make dozens of resin boxes that are perfect for holding jewelry, paper clips, and other small items that need containment.  You will have so much fun making resin boxes to keep for yourself or give as a gift.  

Resin jewelry boxes made with this mold will be 3 inches wide by 1 1/2 inches tall.  The lid casts with a ridge, which helps keep it in place when placed on the box bottom.

Using this silicone jewelry box with mold is easier than you might think:

Step 1:  Use a resin designed for molds to make sure bubbles easily escape.

Step 2:  Decide if you are going to color the resin or leave it clear.  There is no right answer here!

Step 3:  Make sure the resin is fully hardened before peeling the mold away from the resin jewelry box.  (Adding a little soapy water makes this easier!)

Samples shown were made with recycled gift cards and the Resin Obsession deep pour epoxy resin.

Keep your jewelry box silicone mold working like new!  Apply resin mold release thirty minutes or more before filling it with resin.

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