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Pearl Ex powdered pigments

Pearl Ex powdered pigments


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Pearl Ex powdered pigments are so versatile!  These pearlescent, non-toxic, inert powdered pigments exhibit extreme colorfastness and stability.  Create a metallic look to your resin castings without it ever fading or tarnishing.  Experiment with the powders and resin to create anything from a pearl luster finish to a metallic look.  These also work great for adding a metallic color to your epoxy clay projects.  Powders come in 3 gram jars.

Only select colors are on sale.



Here is a Halloween project that uses Pearl Ex powdered pigment.

See how to use Pearl Ex powders to create resin leaves for a coaster or resin flowers for place card holders.  

Customer Reviews

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I love these mica pigments, and I love supporting Resin Obsession because they are such a helpful and professional company!

The Bold and the Beautiful

I recently ordered two Pearl Ex pigments for a geode project. Got a bold blue and a beautiful green. Found it only takes very small amounts to create stunning brilliant colored resin. I'm super happy with this pigment over others I have been using. I'm now 'hooked' on this stuff.

My love - pearl

I like, if I have everything to realize my ideas. I love pearl very, very much. I like the color toy, that happens, when adding pearl pigment.

Stunning results with Interference Blue Pearlex Powder

I got the Pyramid clear silicone mold - 60 mm wall length, the Silicone cube mold - 6 cavities - 12 mm cube 6 pack, the Alumilite Metallic Powder - single 1 ounce jars - Gold, and the Pearl Ex powdered pigments - Interference blue from Resin Obsession and made the cube beads and pyramid.
For the pyramid, I mixed some Gold Alumilite Metallic Powder into some Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy Resin, to the ratio of one part resin, one part hardener, and one part powder (by VOLUME, NOT weight!). My goodness, the way that gold resin looks when it's liquid is nearly hypnotic! I poured it into the tip of the pyramid and let it cure for 24 hours. Then I mixed up another batch of resin and stirred in the Interference Blue Pearlex powder, just enough to see it in the resin (not too much!), and poured it into the pyramid mold, on top of the cured gold resin. Another 24 hours and a careful unmolding, and I am simply enchanted by the results! Thank you Resin Obsession for carrying these amazing products!

So Shimmery

Very shimmery and mixes well with other colors. If you want to be able to light up your resin or see through it though, this stuff has to go on/in VERY light. I went a little overboard on the shimmers and couldn't actually see through the resin after it cured. XD But that was my own fault. These definitely do the job though if you want a solid piece that shines.