Powder Colorants

Glitter for Resin & Epoxy Pigment Powder

Sometimes, I find myself looking at a project and thinking, “This needs a little… something extra.” When those moments come, I usually reach for the same thing: glitter for resin! A little sparkle can go a long way toward making your art look truly spectacular, which is why I always provide my fellow artists with the very best resin color and epoxy pigment powders available.

Epoxy Pigment Powders

If you want flecks of gold, silver, or bronze (and a bold look!), try out our glitter for your resin projects. If you want a subtler, more metallic finish, our powder colorants can give you that uniquely understated shimmer.

Our selection of glitter for resin is specially chosen to provide you with the most incredible sparkle and shine. Whatever your artwork, jewelry, or resin craft needs, we have the perfect epoxy pigment powders to achieve the look you’re searching for!

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