Gift Cards

Resin Obsession Gift Cards

Resin Obsession craft gift cards are the perfect way to open the door to the world of resin for anybody who loves arts and crafts -- and trust me, they’re going to be hooked! Our Resin Obsession gift cards allow the special Resinista in your life to purchase everything they need to get started (or add to their collection!), like resin epoxy and hardener, plastic and silicone resin molds, colorants, findings, and more! From unique new molds that capture your loved one’s style to all the essential resin tools they need for their projects, Resin Obession’s gift cards are the perfect gift for the resin lover in your life!

Looking for something a little more personal than a craft gift card? Visit our blog to pick out a special resin gift project you think they would like. Resin rings, necklaces, bracelets, and cool coasters -- we have a tutorial for almost every type of resin craft (we’re kind of obsessed if you couldn’t tell). Our tutorials will let you know all of the supplies needed to get the job done and how to get your project done without a hitch!

Whether your craft gift card is going to a master resin crafter or a budding-resin lover, Resin Obsession is the perfect place to get started. Visit our forum to see what other customers have asked and how their issues were resolved. Still struggling to find that perfect resin gift? Contact us if you need help picking out the right supplies! We love helping our Resinista family, and we can’t wait to see what resin gift you choose!