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Resin Obsession super clear resin

Worried about making a giant, messy, expensive mistake? WE GET IT. It's why we've got a resin buying guide with a helpful, two-question quiz to help you make sure you're getting the right resin. Because buying the right formula for YOUR project (there is no one resin to rule them all) is the first step in making something GORGEOUS.

Clear Epoxy Resin Kits and Beyond!

We know a thing or two when it comes to all things resin (we’re kind of obsessed if you couldn’t tell). From kit supplies to entire resin kits filled with everything you need, Resin Obsession has what you need to make your resin craft dreams come true.

But when it comes to bringing your vision to life, it can be daunting getting started. There are many different brands of resin out there! How can you be sure of the quality? How much resin do you actually need for your project? What’s the difference in brands -- it’s enough to make a crafter go crazy!

For us, resin crafting is more than a passion, it’s an obsession! You can trust that the resins shown below represent our top picks of quality products because we’ve been where you’re at.  That’s why we only sell resins we use ourselves! But don’t just take our word for it -- shop our resin and resin craft products below or check out our blog for project ideas to get your inspiration flowing!

In our search for the best resin out there, we created our own brand of crystal clear custom resins. All are formulated with UV protectants to prevent yellowing.  Plus, our resins are crafted to be almost odorless and help bubbles easily dissipate so you can spend more time creating new pieces you love. All of our resin formulas are toxicologist reviewed and determined to be safe for use for your art, jewelry, and crafting projects when used as directed. Use it at home, school, and everywhere in between!

Shipping Discounts and Rewards

We know you’re probably raring to go on your next resin craft project, so get shopping today. Orders of $75 or more delivered to U.S. addresses qualify for free shipping.