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Where resin crafting is more than a passion, it is an OBSESSION!

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Silicone molds

If you’ve spent much time doing resin jewelry and crafts, you’re probably pretty familiar with plastic and silicone resin molds. These little beauties can be a lifesaver when you want to create consistent, highly-detailed pendants and other pieces. Frankly, I believe that every resin artist should have a few (okay, more than a few!) in their arsenal — which is why we offer a huge variety of them here.

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Silicone Molds for Resin Casting

Silicone resin molds are an excellent choice for resin artists who make the same products over and over again. These molds are flexible enough to remove your casts easily and durable enough to use dozens of times!

Resin Obsession has a wide range of silicone molds for resin casting, from small pendants for jewelry to detailed shapes for paperweights, cute hair accessories, or any other fun projects. We also have home decor, coaster, and holiday-themed molds, so there’s something for every theme.

About Resin Obsession

The silicone molds at Resin Obsession are pretty great, but that’s not all you’ll find here. Take a look around our store; you’re sure to find something you need, be it glitter, pigments, jewelry findings, or some helpful advice from yours truly!

If you have any questions about silicone resin molds, resin color pigments, or anything else related to resin crafting, I’ll be happy to help! Check out some of the most common questions at the FAQ page, or post on the Resin Obsession forum for more specific questions about your latest project.