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We remember what if feels to want to create with resin, only not to know where to start. With one of our resin beginner kits, you will get everything you need to get started creating with resin the same day you receive your kit!

Resin Obsession Beginner Resin Kits

When you’re just starting at resin crafting, it can feel overwhelming. I’ve been there! I have over 10 years of resin experience, and I still haven’t forgotten the excitement (and uneasiness) of what it was like just starting. That’s why, at Resin Obsession, we’ve created a selection of all-in-one beginner’s resin kits with everything you need to get started!

Still struggling to know where to start? I’ve been there, and I’m here to help! Check out our Resinista community forum to see what others are up to, have your questions answered, and see what other resin lovers have to say. You can also check out our ebooks section for helpful guides on tips, tricks, and troubleshooting your project!

Our All-in-One Resin Kits

Each of our Resin Obsession resin kits include quality epoxy resin and hardener, gloves, cups, stir sticks, and a basic mold to get you going! And, because you’re not in this alone, we have a resin class and a resin book to help you along the way.  Full of helpful tips, tricks, and resin craft inspo, it will help guide you through your first projects and teach you the basics of creating your own resin jewelry and crafts.

At Resin Obsession, we strive to bring you all of the same materials we use in our own resin jewelry and crafts. Whether you’re a beginner or a resin master, a resin kit is a great resource to have because it has everything you need to get started... except molds. You should probably grab some of those here!

Find the resin kit that works best for you, and order now to receive free shipping on all US orders +$75!