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Jewelry Findings

Creating resin jewelry is how I fell in love with resin. From beautiful bangles to bold rings and unique necklace pendants offset by dazzling jewelry findings, there’s nothing resin can’t do -- and that’s why I’m obsessed!

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Creating your own resin jewelry is an easy and fun experience! Skip the time consuming and expensive process of learning how to make jewelry out of precious metals -- resin is an inexpensive alternative that provides you with the same chic style and the opportunity to incorporate everything from vibrant resin tints to glitters, family images, and so much more!

Not to mention people of all ages can find a style of resin jewelry that they will love. Still want the look of metal jewelry? Guess what, resin can do that! With our jewelry findings, you can easily create mock-metal earrings, necklace pendants, and bracelets by adding metallic pigments or metallic gilding flakes to your resin cast!

On our resin jewelry findings page, you will find everything you need to attach resin pieces to earring loops, pendant trays, bezels, grommets, and beads bails to create stunning resin jewelry.

Need help getting started making jewelry? No problem! We have just the tutorials to put you on the right path. Start with our beginners tips and troubleshooting. After that, hop on over to our blog where you will find dozens of jewelry projects and ideas. If you get stuck, visit our forums where Resinistas, just like you!, ask questions and get answers.

Don’t delay your next great resin jewelry project! Shop our jewelry findings today and receive free shipping on orders +$75!