Buying the right clear epoxy resin formula for YOUR project is the first step to making something GORGEOUS.


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Clear epoxy resin and more

When I took over Resin Obsession almost 12 years ago, I had one goal: To make it simpler for artists and crafters to create something spectacular with resin.

There were hardly any formulas developed specifically for creatives. As a result, I saw artists relying on whatever clear epoxy resin they could find to make art.

And often, the results were disastrous. Like a flaming pile of garbage disastrous.🔥

I would hear from one disappointed crafter after the next who was convinced using resin to make art was a complete waste of time.

Yet I knew the lousy outcomes weren’t always their fault. If people were going to feel accomplished with their resin skills, it wasn’t enough to sell resin supplies. I also needed to share my unique approach. (The same approach that helped me build a successful business selling resin jewelry across North America.)

Instead of focusing on getting you clear epoxy resin, I help you focus on what YOU want to make with the clear epoxy resin.

Once you know what you’re creating, Resin Obsession can help you choose the best clear epoxy for your distinctive design. (A design that will have a high gloss, water resistant finish.)

I know that every project isn’t the same. That’s why we have multiple resin formulas for a variety of projects.

Because, despite what you might see, there is no ‘one size fits all’ resin.

Now to be brutally honest here, our resins might be more than you need. If you only want to try resin once and mark it off your bucket list, then any clear epoxy at any store will do. Just ask the random stock clerk in those big box crafting stores. They will tell you the same thing.

But, if you aspire to create something you'll be excited to keep. Or make something exquisite for a gift. Or make something that's gorgeous enough to sell and turn into a side hustle, you need something better.

As a professional resin artist for the last 16 years, I can tell you that we only sell the resins I use myself.

You CAN make something beautiful with clear epoxy resin–even if you’re brand new at this.